Vehicle Exporting and Parts

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Importing or exporting a vehicle becomes simple and seamless with the use of our vehicle clearance services and shipping services.

If you are importing from Canada, we offer a complete customs clearance package and freight forwarding service to meet your specific needs. Once you’ve purchased your vehicle, we can handle the entire process from picking up the vehicle at your seller’s location, transporting to the border, customs clearance, and final delivery to your door.

If you decide to pick up the vehicle and drive it yourself, we can assist you with the customs clearance at the border.

If you are importing a vehicle from overseas, let us work with the port of arrival, shipping lines, Canada customs, container destuffing warehouses and inland carriers to get the vehicle to your door.

Vehicle Exporting

When it comes to providing the complete solution for your vehicle export purchase to your destination country of choice, look no further, as we provide all export freight services.

All our vehicle price quotations will include insured shipping costs so you do not need to worry about arranging this yourself.


Spare Parts

A major situation that influences the choice of your next vehicle is the availability of spares.

We will be able to support you with spare parts of those Makes and Models that are not readily available in Nigeria.