General Merchandise

Our mission is to provide a unique honest and excellent export of goods and services to meet the specifications and requirements of our customers.

At Ijedi Awele Global Resources, we offer an array of general merchandise from Energy Drinks, Batteries, Health & Beauty Aids, Hardware, Toys and plenty more. We strive to bring the best prices for Wholesalers, Distributors, and Consumers.

For more than 27 years, we have served a growing clients as a wholesale distributor of general merchandise that gets shipped world wide to all locations. We are an energetic bunch that want to find the best prices available for our customers.

Our purpose is to provide effective and efficient export of goods and services to ensure satisfaction for our clients and customers. This includes various Motor parts/Engines, Electronics, Refrigerating sets, Air Conditioners to mention but few. We offer great customer service and quality workmanship at affordable rates.

In addition we offer Cargo Consolidation services which entail canvassing for cargoes from numerous consignees who desire to have their consignments delivered to desired destinations.

We also facilitate the importation of various general cargos from abroad.